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Who I am

My goal is to save you time and money. As a multi-content creator, social media manager, and strategist my aim is to spread your message effectively through content that best represents you and your business. 

I have worked with PR and Marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs, from an ice cream manufacturer to a car dealership. I have 10-plus years of experience helping clients generate traffic, leads, and creating compelling content. What I love best is diving into new areas. I don't own a car and don't drive having lived for years near great public transportation. Getting into the mind of a person buying a car for the first time, or the tenth was interesting. What do they need? What do they want? What compels a person to buy a car? Is it the look?  Does a person's budget factor into buying their car? How about the dealership? Who is their customer? What do they need to sell a car? Meeting the needs of both the dealership and the consumer is vital to writing a great website.

I spent a week wearing a nose strip for a client who was developing a new product for people with breathing problems. I taste-tested flavors of a new protein ice cream for athletes, while helping to design packaging, and writing copy for their social media sites. Each client is passionate about their product or service. They want to reach the ideal customer and of course, make sales. I come to care about a person's product and what to do what is best for them. And I aim to care for you and your business in the same way. Thank you for reading this far. I would like to work with you. If not, I hope you receive value from the content I have provided here. And, much success to you. 


My radio show Wild Woman Network: Radio for Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers, and Innovators, introduced and engaged with guests who provided a unique service either through their books, businesses, or lifestyles. 

I wrote an e-course Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own, which offers a venue for telling your story through the written word.

It is wonderful to hear what people are up to in life. My course on how to start an internet radio show has been delivered in Manhattan and currently is being developed as a downloadable subscription program.

My work life has been diverse. My background provides a unique perspective on a variety of businesses. 

I have sewed sequins onto costumes, cleaned apartments, and offices and handed flyers out in the middle of Manhattan. Some of my clients have been award-winning video producers, TV personalities, and with the personal assistant to Estee Lauder. I have worked for PR agencies, a church, plus, small and large businesses.

I've been a poet for years. Writing poetry is a way to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a compact space.  I expanded out into prose, fiction, and articles.

For ten years I co-facilitated a successful writing program, The Wild Angels Poets and Writers group, at the historic Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. The program ended in May 2010 after we published our tenth anthology and final reading.

In 1994 I was ordained as an Interfaith minister. During my training, I worked extensively with AIDs patients and people with life-challenging illnesses.  Since then I have taught meditation classes, officiated weddings, and worked in healing ministries.

I  have thirty years of experience as an administrative assistant and administrator with knowledge of all office applications and social media platforms. Working for large corporations has been a delightful learning experience. What I enjoy most is the personal collaborative contact with clients.

I also love long walks on the beach, (in the morning please), hot chocolate in front of a fireplace (do you have one?) and lots of reading, plus taking photos and enjoying good food with my great friends.