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Explore Writing Through Your Senses


I am excited about the upcoming launch of my new EBook, Explore Writing Through Your Senses: Tips from a Creative Vagabond

Welcome to Explore Writing Through Your Senses. Enjoy the journey to becoming a more creative person. 

  • You do not have to be a professional writer to write. 
  • Writing is an activity anyone can do. 
Your writer’s toolkit is always with you.

Our own bodies are founts of creativity. 

Suffering from writer’s block? Can’t come up with a line to start your story? Using your senses, inspiration is as close as your nose, eyes, or your ears. 

Walk into any flower shop and colors, scents, and textures surround you. Feel the silkiness of a rose petal, the rough edge of an aloe plant, the prickliness of cactus. 

Does sniffing eucalyptus make you sneeze? Do lilies remind you of funerals? Maybe Lily of the Valley forecasts the start of Spring. Your creative adventure can begin anywhere. 

Become a careful observer. Watch how people move, the clothes they wear, listen to the sound of their voices. You can create a story from just one interaction on a street corner. 

The EBook is short. Quick essays, followed by writing prompts to fuel your creativity. 

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