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Earning Money with a Client-Based Ghostwriting Business

A Senior's Guide to Finding the Right Business Model for Your Content Creativity - Part Six 

Earning Money with a Client-Based Ghostwriting Business

There are some senior marketers who simply don't want to start a complete business and go to the effort of driving traffic to it and positioning themselves as niche leader. If this best describes you, you can still earn money off of your creative content talent.

You can become a ghostwriting freelancer who creates content for individual clients on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, it will be a one-time project. Other times, you will become the voice behind someone else’s brand online on a regular schedule.

There are a few drawbacks to working for someone else. For example, you will be on their timetable. You will also not have the freedom to write about things exactly as you want to, because you will have to adhere to their specific instructions.

However, this may be the kind of formal arrangement that you prefer if you don't want to have to go through the process of figuring out how to position yourself in the marketplace.

In order to launch your own freelance ghostwriting business, you can use several different platforms. First, you want to have a website of your own where you can showcase your portfolio of a few samples of writing, along with a pricing sheet for prospective clients.

You can set up a simple dot com domain with WordPress installed to do this. You can also set up a profile on a site like Fiverr, where people can hire you for one-time gigs. Usually, you create a listing of a very small gig, such as 250 words.

Then, the client can upgrade and add on more work at a higher price point. When you work on a site like Fiverr, you will need to make sure that you are delivering your content according to the agreed-upon time.

Clients and customers can leave feedback and reviews for you, which can impact future projects and your ability to get hired by others. You always want to maintain a positive four or five-star listing.

Another place you can generate client leads for content writing is on sites like Upwork. Here, prospective clients will create listings that you can bid on. If the client likes your bid and what they see in your portfolio and profile, they will hire you and pay a deposit with the remainder due upon delivery or at certain milestones in the project.

Again, your success on this site will depend on the type of feedback and ratings you receive from clients. So you want to go above and beyond and satisfy their needs. For example, you might throw in one free article or deliver ahead of schedule.

Take time to create a profile that really speaks the language of a marketer so that they feel confident and comfortable in your ability to meet their needs. That means knowing what a lead magnet is, or what they mean when they say email autoresponder. 

If you don’t have a portfolio, pick a few common niche topics and write up a one-page article about each one to showcase in it. You can do one on a health topic, one about success, and another on something like dog training or relationships.

No matter what business model you choose, you have the opportunity to take your writing or other content creation skills and generate a six figure income, depending on how much time you want to devote to it in your retirement years.

When it comes to picking the content business that helps you have the most freedom in terms of schedules, you want to pick from the PLR, Low Content, Kindle Author, or Info Product Developer.

Keep in mind, though, that if you disappear from the scene for months on end, you’ll have to rebrand yourself and reintroduce yourself to customers and affiliates you network with so that they remember who you are and the quality you served them last time.

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