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Creating Low Content Downloadables


A Senior's Guide to Finding the Right Business Model for Your Content Creativity - Part Four 

Creating Low Content Downloadables

There are many senior marketers who would like to get into a content niche, but don't want to commit to a lot of time and effort in their retirement years. Yet they still want to tap into their creativity.

If this best describes you, then you may want to look into low content publishing. This is a niche business model where you do little to no writing, yet it's still considered a publication.

For example, you might begin publishing journals with a few scattered quotations on lined pages inside. Planners for people to use for their personal or professional schedule are also considered low-content products.

There are many people who like to buy things like baby books, coloring books, wedding planners, or even recipe books online. The great thing about being in the low content niche is that it doesn't take much time or effort to succeed.

In fact, you can create templates that you can easily tweak for each additional product in your store. There are many different places where you can sell low-content creations. For example, you might place your journals and planners on Etsy.

Some people may want a printable version that they download digitally. There are other vendors who actually sell their tangible creations on Amazon so that the customer doesn't receive a digital product, but a printed one instead.

You do not have to send products to Amazon to ship to the customer. This will be a print-on-demand product that Amazon will create and ship to the customer for you, taking a percentage of the sale as well.

Low content publishing is not just about books and planners. It's also about tangible items that people want to have created. These include things like stickers, coffee mugs, T-shirts, candles, and more.

Typically, the consumer will shop for some sort of theme that they would like to purchase. This might be motivational quotes, flowers, puppies, etc. They might be looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, or even shopping for their own needs.

Keep in mind that if you pursue this type of business model and use a site like Etsy, you are at their mercy as to whether or not your store remains operational. There have been some vendors who have had their stores shut down unexpectedly and without any sort of valid reason.

So you want to always make sure you understand all of the rules and regulations whenever you use someone else’s platform to sell your goods. If you violate something, it could mean you wake up to all of your hard work vanished overnight.

If you decide to get into the low content industry, spend some time thinking of how you can set yourself apart. There is a lot of competition for this business model, but it's very easy to succeed if you position yourself in the right way.

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